Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Butterscotch the cat with it's head stuck in a bird feeder


We can laugh at Butterscotch now because after three weeks of humiliation he finally got his head freed 
from what was initially believed to be a bird feeder :P

butterscotch bird-feeder stuck on head cat 

Butterscotch caused quite a stir when locals noticed a cat roaming with what appeared to be a bird feeder stuck on his head. BALA (Brandon and Area Lost Animals group) set up traps to try and catch the feline who was dubbed Butterscotch due to his colours.  The situation was made difficult due to Butterscotch being able to see out of one eye and thus still able to run, and even jump to evade rescuers.  Further alarm was bought to the situation when a man sabotaged rescue attempts by shining lights, clapping his hands and even toppling over the traps put in place - source

 (gosh makes me so mad at the cruelly of people!!!)

source 1 / 2

The story definitely has a happy ending with Butterscotch being caught and then managing to dislodge his head from what was then discovered to be an insect catcher.  Despite fears of not being able to drink or eat, his healthy condition on capture led BALA to believe he was able to do both during his ordeal - source.  The icing on the cake is after Butterscotch was found having no tags, identification microchips or tattoos he was put up for adoption via Funds for Furry Friends Animal Rescue and has since found his forever home!

BALA posted updates during the three weeks which you can read here

A big thank- you to all the volunteers who devoted countless hours to the capture of Butterscotch and for his lovely new family for adopting him :)

Just look at that cutie!

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