Monday, September 29, 2014

Pizza Hut over run by Cats in Japan

Okay people you know I'm kind of crazy for cats *nods* and also random Japanese videos *nods* and I also love pizza so today I'm delivering the trifecta! This first video (isn't my favourite) but introduces you to the four cats that appear within the other randomly awesome videos below (and yup I'm posting them all because they're bizarre and great!)

The cats by the way are Techno (the largest of all the cats and who seems to be the boss of the store) Hime the sweet white cat (who loves to sit on things), Dora the orange tabby and Detch the grey tiger. 

 "Grand Opening! -Pizza Cat! Store-"

Now for a whole lot of random-ness below!

"I don’t allow even a speck of dust, see?"
hint: Detch on a roomba vacuum

"Don't get cute with us, we're not working for money."
hint: Tencho eating(?) money :P 

"The spreadsheet demon!"
hint: Hime sitting on a keyboard and trying to eat a fake plant.

 "Vehicles just excite me. Funny, heh?"
hint: Detch pushing a cart 

"Hey boy, don’t you want change?"
hint: Hime opening the cash register

"Here to protect the deliciousness of our pizza!"
hint: ??? :P 

"Destination checked! We'll be there safe driving."
hint: Dora playing with a toy 

"It's time for work, y'all!"
hint: Tencho hitting the alarm 

"Dressed to kill for the day!"
hint: all the cats in their uniforms

"Shut up, paws off the phone! They're all for me!"
hint: Hime sitting on the phone

"Morning assembly! Fire us up!"
hint: ???

Whatever you do make sure you have watched at least one video for the catchy theme cry at the end!

I hope this made your Monday - thanks Japan :)

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